What LED chip does your product use?

We mainly use chips from LG, SAMSUGN and PHILIPS.

What kind of special configuration do your products have?

We have options of motion sensors, photocells, emergency battery back-ups and 7-pin for many products. You can get the details on each product specification . http://www.abovealllighting.com/product/index.html

Why are your LED flat panels is different?

Most of the LED Panels in the market may look the same, however, our panels are constructed with only the highest quality materials. For example, we use the high-quality Samsung LED chips but many others use lower quality LED chips; We choose PMMA light guide plate which is with good light transmittance and heat resistance, but many others choose much a lower grade- of PS light guide plate.

Why reflector + tempered glass optics ?

Unlike the common molded polycarbonate optics ours is more reliable because it won’t yellow or crack with age. Besides, it is with higher light transmittance and can bear higher operating temperature.