Are your products DLC certified?

YES. Almost all are DLC premium or standard qualified which is eligible for rebates from DLC Member Utilities. Please check the details at ww w.designlights.org.

Are your products Title 24 compliant?

Yes, most are California Title 24 compliant product.

What LED power supply does your outdoor product use?

We mainly use drivers from PHLIPS ADVANCE, FULHAM and MEAN WELL.

What’s the warranty for your product?

We offer 10 years limited warranty on most of our products and even 12 years limited warranty for MOON and LEOPARD series under the ambient of -40°F to 104°F See full warranty terms at: www.aboveallLighting.com/warrantystatements

Can your UFO high bay be used in wet location?

YES. It is IP65 rated.

Are your products lighting protection?

YES. Many outdoor products are designed with Integral 10kA surge suppression protection, good for attacks of thunder and lightning and high-low voltage lash. For details please check the product specifications.

What kind of installation methods does the MT light have?

The mounting options include arm for round and square poles, slip fitter and trunnion.

What kind of accessories does the UFO high bay have?

It is offered with optional aluminum, polycarbonate reflectors and bottom glare shields and polycarbonate clear and frosted lenses — making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Are your Moon series post top difficult to install?

It is designed to be easy to install with light weight and small EPA. Please refer to the manual for details of wring and installation.

Is the data credible on your specification such as life time and working temperature?

Absolutely. All of our data is based on rigorous tests, such as optical test, thermal test, burn-in test, Anti-Salt Test, Vibration test, IP rating test, etc, and TM-21calculations.